About Rika, children’s book writer

Rika’s streak of getting in trouble (completely unintentionally) started in pre-school, where she once saw a classmate crying. When she asked what was wrong, the girl said she missed her grandma. So, convinced that she knew where the girl’s grandmother lived, Rika led an crew of preschoolers out the back gate on an urgent hunt for grandma. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask permission of the teacher … The complete story has made it’s way into Rika’s writing. Rest assured that the preschoolers got back to the school safely.

At home, Rika soon got into more trouble after climbing onto the roof of the house. She just wanted to feel like Pippi Longstocking (remember when Pippi climbed up there to escape the policemen who tried to catch her and send her to a home for orphans?). Rika’s mom was not thrilled and said that Pippi had magic powers, and could jump off a rooftop without getting hurt. During time-out, Rika tried to jump off her bed and fly. That didn’t really work (Mom was right, of course). But that night, Rika dreamed she could fly and perform fancy acrobatic tricks high up in the air.

Though Rika was a good high school student, she did get into difficulties once, when her teacher caught her reading Anna Karenina during biology class. Rika liked biology, but she was so engrossed in Tolstoy’s story, that on that day, she simply needed to know how it ended. Later, Rika studied really hard for that biology test, though.

At 21, Rika flew (by plane it seems, although she might have used an umbrella) to the U.S. to be an au pair for one year. The magic and possibilities of New York City drew her in, and Rika stayed in NYC for many more years,  studying theater, and later history and writing. Rika has worked as a nanny, an actress and a teacher. Her love for stories and for children gave rise to her desire to write children’s books.

Now,  Rika lives in North Carolina with her husband and two fabulous children, who might also sometimes get into trouble.

Rika is working on many stories and still treasures her occasional dreams of flying. She still sneaks books, and is ready to go find a loving grandma for any crying child. But she no longer climbs onto rooftops. Never. Who would do such a thing?